Building solar systems with SLOKY® torque screwdriver is easy, simple, and precise

The consumption of energy is increasing day by day, but the fossil energy stored on the earth, such as oil, natural gas, coal, etc., will be exhausted under the massive exploitation of human beings. With the increasing attention to renewable energy to solve the energy crisis, solar energy is the most common alternative energy.

Solar systems are made up of solar panels, a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerized controller. The most common location for the installation of solar panels is the roof or on the ground. Solar panels need to be able to maintain their integrity in harsh weather conditions and to remain functional for a long period of time, therefore standard screws and high tensile strength screws (e.g. M6, M8, M10) are clamped in the solar systems to make sure the structure is absolutely stable and compact. In this kinds of situation, they need to be tightened with extreme precision.

Building solar systems with SLOKY® torque screwdriver is easy, simple, and precise. Each adapter deliver specified and required torque in order to allows any user to deliver accurate amount of tension after fastened every time. There is no over or under tighten happened, when the demand torque is reached, “Click” sound will alarm to let users know.
 Interchangeable system  :
Not only bits and handle, the torque adapter is also interchangeable! “Adapter” delivers torque control itself, its value can be customized from 0.1 to 18Nm to meet different demands. The connecting and driving portion can also be designed according to user’s corresponding.

Torque control is essential to ensure fastening quality. Request a consultation via Contact Us to learn what torque tools would work best for you.

  SLOKY Torque Screwdriver_Solar System Mounting
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