5 Things You Need to Know about the NC Helix Drill


5 Things You Need to Know about the Nine9 NC Helix Drill  

1. The NC Helix Drill is for hole making
, but not for simple drilling because there’s no cutting edge in the center of the Helix drill. It’s designed specifically for circle and linear ramping. The NC stands for numerical control (NC) programming, Helix for the ramping cycle, and Drill for the hole-making focus.

2. The NC Helix Drill solves the chips issue.
Long chips will stick in the machine and wrap around the tool, requiring the operator to stop the machine for cleaning. The insert geometry of NC Helix Drill is special: serrated cutting edges can make the chips shorter, smaller, and easily evacuated. Solving the chips issue reduces machine downtime and facilitates automated machining.

3. The NC Helix Drill promotes a low-carbon economy.
It offers lower cutting force and lower power consumption. Lower power consumption = lower carbon footprint. Lower power consumption also allows the use of smaller CNC machines, reducing costs which makes room for more machines and increased productivity.

4. Prolonged high spindle-load machining will shorten spindle life.
Due to its lower cutting force, the NC Helix Drill lowers the spindle load and increases spindle life. Machining large, tall, or thin parts can weaken the clamping force, which can cause vibration. Because the NC Helix Drill lowers the spindle load and cutting force, it reduces vibration.

5. Inserts match the shanks one-to-one.
Maintaining a smaller gap between them allows a ramping angle up to 20°. Other milling cutters offer only 5° to 6° of ramping angle because they use the same insert on different sizes of shank, so the gap is larger. The NC Helix Drill has two shanks: 99321 has a one-body design with a chip removing groove for external coolant; the 99323, a screw-fit type using internal coolant, can fit different length extension bars and is suitable for deep-hole machining. The NC Helix line has six standard tools, but four tools can cover 13mm to 65mm hole diameters.

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