SLOKY Cat08 is Ready

  SLOKY New Catalog Cat08 Released
 SLOKY Cat. 08 New Catalog is Ready
SLOKY presents the brand new 2022 catalog, with the core spirit “Smart Torque Everywhere Possible” and” Where There Is Sloky, There Is Quality”.  
We want to give you a clear profile of our torque adapters, their specifications and, more importantly, how to use them, where and when. Moreover, the new catalog contains more useful examples relating to our torque tool solutions for various industry fields you might miss out.
Not only standard products, SLOKY® torque tool can be customized to a desired torque value or different shapes to assist users in attaining more accurate fastening. Easy customization, always secure your product quality!
Discover our fascinating torque tool products and browse the full catalog HERE.

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